Budget Goa Trip, गोवा के लिए अपनी बजट यात्रा का प्लान कैसे बनाये


Today i am going to tell How to plan the best trip to GOA in Budget in 2021

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  • How much is the expense?
  • How to reach there?
  • Where to take hotel?
  • How to commute?
  • How is the nightlife?

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First thing comes to our mind is, how we can go Goa? We can go anywhere by any mode of transportation It always depends on our origin city Sometimes you can go by flights, trains or buses depends which is available If we talk about Delhi, so we can go by flight to save time One way around 3-5K INR Round trip around 8-10K INR Sometimes we can get a good deal and then the price for 2 will be 12-18K INR Round trip So for flights: Round trip 2 persons 12-18K INR

Now comes, when is the best time to reach goa? The best time is between November till March as the weather will be good Monsoon season starts from June – September We should try not to go to Goa in monsoon season as it will rain anytime Because there is no fun at the beach while raining.

arambol beach goa

How can we reach the hotel from the Airport?

Just try if you can get an airport transfer from your hotel itself If not, then do not worry Because there are so many taxis available which you can hire for your place

Where you should take your Hotel?

india goa w hotel rock pool 2

Basically, always try to take a hotel near the beachside Normally you can get hotel deals from 10-12K INR for 3 nights It completely depends on you, how lavish you want?

So due to that, the cost will get increased Now comes safety, many times bachelors want to go with their friends Like I want to go with my friends Couples or families want to go and think about whether it is safe or not? From my perspective, it is completely safe because you will find police everywhere There is no concern for safety Now comes food, everyone has their own preferences. Some like veg, non-veg, seafood and many more But normally one-time meal costs you around 1000-1500 INR for 2 person.

How we can commute in Goa?

It completely depends, either you are going as a bachelor, couples or family If you are a bachelor and you know driving and have a license, then you can rent a scooter there Try to take a scooter from either hotel or some good shops. Do not take from anywhere on streets Make sure do not drink and drive So drive carefully and enjoy the ride If you are going with family, first confirm with the hotel about the packages Also, look outside for packages Normally there are cabs available and it will cost you around 2.5K – 3 K INR per day The cab will be given with driver and it is for 10 hours So you do not need to take tension, they will guide you properly to each spot There are both packages available i.e. for North or South goa If we talk about Nightlife, we have 3 options First option is go to Tito’s lane There are so many clubs and bars. You can drink and dance. The second option is going to the beach, there are so many restaurants and bars which play good music. And 3rd option is you can check out casino, The casino is so good there and for the casino, you can ask your hotel also to provide you a good deal Sometimes they have a good deal or promotion like some percent off

Now we talk about how many days are sufficient to go to Goa?

The perfect itinerary should be 4 days and 3 nights. The first day you can go to the normal beaches You can explore north goa It depends on your preference whether to go by scooter or car.

You can go to the south goa on the second day There are so many churches, monuments which should be covered. You can keep third day for yourself like do shopping, explore secret beaches.

On fourth day, pack your stuff and go home Right now we were talking what to do in the day time for 4 days Now we have three nights too The first night we can keep for Tito’s lane We can go to the beachside bars on the second day and experience the night environment We can go to the casino for the third night. It will be a good and different experience. The lights and live music are so good the total budget for 2 people will be around 35-40K INR These are for normal people like we spend normally If you want to spend more it is your wish If you go in a group of people then the budget will be split into a number of people If you like the blog please share to those who are planning to go Goa.


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